Blue Dive Menorca

Tunnels, caves, diving in the north marine reserve...

BLUE DIVE MENORCA is a diving center located in the Sport port of Addaia, in the Northern Menorca area. It offers full access to the Marine Reserve, location full of life and color. The port of Addaia respectfully integrates with the rural landscape and seascape that surrounds a Minorcan area of exceptional beauty.

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Considered the third natural port of Menorca, it is situated inside the natural park of s'Albufera des Grau and Marine Reserve in northern Menorca, near numerous coves and places of great uniqueness and special interest, such as small islands of Addaia and Cala Macaret. In the inner part of Addaia, there is located the ANEI (Natural Area of Special Interest), perfect location for outdoor activities.

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The Minorcan Northern Marine Reserve, created in June 1999, is located in the area known as the Tramontana coast. It is distinguished by its good state of preservation and by its scenic seascape and the interesting nature of its access. This is also true for its sea-bed, where 30m depths are found very close to the coastline and it also offers a good variety in terms of seascape and habitat.

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There are small bays, coves and cliffs and a big zone defined by the 45m isobath. The reserve has a high ratio between habitat diversity and the protected area. It is easy to see species like moray eels, groupers, octopuses and red mullets in the northern part of Menorca. 628 benthic species have been recorded, most of them red algae, fishes and molluscs and up to 35 different biological communities.