BLUE DIVE Menorca is a diving center located in the Sport port of Addaia, in the Northern Menorca area. It offers full access to the Marine Reserve, location full of life and color. The port of Addaia respectfully integrates with the rural landscape and seascape that surrounds a Minorcan area of exceptional beauty.

Considered the third natural port of Menorca, it is situated inside the natural park of s'Albufera des Grau and Marine Reserve in northern Menorca, near numerous coves and places of great uniqueness and special interest, such as small islands of Addaia and Cala Macaret. In the inner part of Addaia, there is located the ANEI (Natural Area of Special Interest), perfect location for outdoor activities.

We were born as a center for water activities, in order create a center of continued training and thus offer services and availability during the whole year. From BLUE DIVE we provide dynamism, a completely personalized and high quality service, emphasizing the importance of the consciousness on the aquatic environment and its surroundings.

In BLUE DIVE MENORCA we adhere to the general rules of safe diving, keeping our staff and equipment updated, promoting and organizing programs and courses that improve dive safety. We strive to promote and improve knowledge and responsibility on the aquatic environment among all divers and snorkelers as well as the general public by organizing events and projects, setting an example by protecting the environment during all our activities and arranging cleaning crews  that clean the seabed every year before the season starts.

For BLUE DIVE MENORCA a high customer and staff satisfaction is a priority. For this reason offer personalized services according to your requirements, taking care of every detail, advising and reporting honestly and properly about our products and services.

In BLUE DIVE MENORCA we strive to assist in creating safe and trustworthy recreational divers as well as scuba diving professional educators, offering a wide range of diving courses and programs, leading in an exemplary and professional manner. So if you want to enjoy a natural environment considered a biosphere reserve and diving into the Marine Reserve in Northern Menorca, we’re waiting for you in BLUE DIVE MENORCA

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